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SUPRENT Razors for Men RZ216BX

SUPRENT Razors for Men RZ216BX

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🏎️【SUPRENT COOL TECH】 The first 2X3 Matrix Cutter Head on the market with patent certification, subverting the design of a century-old razor. Tradition meets modern technology. Sense and simplicity.

🏎️【All EFFORT JUST FOR YOUR COMFORT】 Created by the craft team of SUPRENT Lab, this razor is ergonomic in shape and weigh. Perfectly weighted for effortless shaving, with a 38.5 degree golden shaving angle and seamless fit to the jawline.

🏎️【A BLADE ABOVE THE REST】  The unique 6-blade razor, with one more blade than the others on the market. One more blade, much more refreshing. Scalpel-grade nano-thin blades, giving you the ultimate clean shave.

🏎️【A RAZOR LAST FOREVER】 Made of Swedish zinc alloy, SUPRENT' s all-metal handle is anti-erosion, wear-resistant and timeless. The razor’s mission is to accompany you throughout your life.

🏎️【ELEGANCE NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE】 Top Choice of men’s gift. Exquisite and high-end from packaging to the products. Shaving is not only your daily cleanliness but also a pursuit of a delicate life.

📃【Electronic manual, click here to download. 】

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