An Easy Guide for Clipper Maintenance

An Easy Guide for Clipper Maintenance

More and more people start to pay more attention to personal care and hair care. Don’t forget to take care of your clipper as well. The following guide will help you find the way to maintain your clipper. To maintain your hair clippers properly, a few tools will be necessary. 

Now let’s see.

Step 1: Keep the blades clean

Unscrew and remove the blade. Grab your tooth brush and brush the hair from the blades. Be thorough, but careful. Also, be sure to use blade cleaner instead of tooth paste. Wipe off all the hair from the housing as well using the tooth brush and a rag. For those with poor water resistance, it is recommended to wipe with a dry tissue or just blow off. If the hair clipper you bought has advanced waterproof, you can also rinse it with water.


Step 2: Oil the blades regularly

Usually clippers come with oil. However, there isn’t usually a lot, and sometimes it can leak out. Provided you don’t have any and you need to cut your hair asap, you can use mineral oil. Another option would be olive oil. This is not ideal and shouldn’t be used regularly. However, if you’re in a pinch, it is a decent lubricant that people usually have. 


Step 3: Sharpen

Maybe you will notice that your clippers are starting to get a little dull, you might consider sharpening the blades. You need to start with the rougher stone and work your way down to the fine grit stone. Apply a little water to the stone to make sure that the flat parts of the blade tips are parallel with the stone’s surface. Then swipe the blade across the stone while applying light pressure. Repeat this about ten times or so. Be careful, even blade was sharp enough to cut your finger. Make sure you hone both blades on the sides where the blades contact each other.

Step 4: Check your clipper housing sctew

Housing screws usually come off after prolonged usage because of the clipper’s vibrations. The only sign that you’ve got a loose housing screw is that horrible, loud, rattling noise. 

So how to fix this?

Get a screwdriver that easily fits into your clipper’s screws Tighten all visible housing screws by turning your screwdriver clockwise Doing so should hold them in place for a while but it is often a short-term solution.

Last, please remember a good quality pair of hair clippers will not only save you a lot of money and time, but they will also last you many years if you look after them properly.



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